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Before you get in touch, please see below our most Frequently Asked Questions. If your query hasn’t been answered in this section please use the contact details below. Alternatively, use the contact form opposite to submit your query. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.



Nutritional info

All Macronutrients are on the ‘Our Meals’ Section. Click on the + NUTRITIONAL INFO tab and all macros will pop down.

What’s the shelf life?

All meals are packed using Modified Atmospheric gases are have a shelf life of 7 days when refrigerated.

Custom meals

Unfortunately we cannot offer bespoke meals. All meals are a set weight and have set ingredients.


First and foremost we are a business, therefore before you ask us for free food, please consider whether or not you will generate more revenue for our business than we would invest in you. If the answer here is no, then please do not apply. We generally will never sponsor an individual, however we are open to opportunities where a viable return on investment and a large degree of brand exposure is on offer.

Can I freeze my meals?

Yes. All meals can be frozen for up to 2 months.

Referral code!

You can earn money off your next purchase with your unique referral code! Simply go to ‘MyAccount’ and you will find a unique referral URL. Send this URL to your friends and for every time one of them purchase using this url, you will receive a discount code in your emails for your next order!


Order deadlines!

All orders must be made before Midnight every Wednesday and the meals will be delivered every Saturday. Any meals placed after Wednesday we will try our best to deliver that Saturday however this cannot be guaranteed.



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